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On 14 Feb 2014, at 08:00, Alan Buxey <A.L.M.Buxey at LBORO.AC.UK> wrote:

> Enormously? ?? Is the huntgroup file dynamically read all the time?


It's O(n) as previously stated.

Looking something up in a huntgroup means iterating over every member 
of the linked list (worst case) and evaluating the condition each time
to see if it matched.

> I thought it was read at server start time and the values then populated into a lookup table....?

There's no hashing or treeing or anything fancy, just a plain linked list.

But people get really horny about it like it's *the* ultimate super
efficient NAS categorisation mechanism. It's not, it's shit, it needs 
to go away.

Using the client xlat is significantly more efficient. There's also the
getclient xlat which allows client lookups using arbitrary IP addresses.

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