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Fri Feb 14 14:37:23 CET 2014

Hi List,

Actually, I catch MS-CHAP-Error  by regex and I update Reply-Message with  specific messages .
I log this via sql ( module sql enable in inner-tunnel  - Post-Auth-Type REJECT section)

The problem is that I have two lines of  logs errors, one with the good reply message and one with
nothing because the module sql is present in inner-tunnel (Post-Auth-Type REJECT)  and default
server  (Post-Auth-Type REJECT  )
I would like to know is there a way to copy Reply-Message in inner-tunnel to Reply-Message in
default virtual server  in disable the module sql in  inner-tunnel (Post-Auth-Type REJECT section ).

My test show me that Reply-Message is cleaning when Freeradius pass from one to other virtual

Thanks .

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