Using configuration items in strings

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Hi Arran

I'm afraid not. It doesn't even tell me what that evaluates to:

++? if ("${modules.sql.server}" == 'NPS' && !(User-Password && Service-Type == Login-User) && "%{sql:SELECT COUNT(*) FROM identifications WHERE macaddr = '%{Calling-Station-ID}' AND blocked = 1}" >= 1)
? Evaluating ("${modules.sql.server}" == 'NPS' ) -> FALSE


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> Hi
> I'm trying to make some of my configuration dependent on whether I've configured SQL, so I can create an easy way to turn off all use of SQL by our servers (we don't have a cluster, and we don't use the SQL server for authentication, so if it went down, we could do without it for a bit). I've used an "if" statement testing "%{config:modules.sql.server}", which I expected to give me the value "NPS" if I had set the value and null otherwise. That way I thought I could just comment out the "$INCLUDE mssql.conf" in radius.conf, and the "sql" in the "instantiate" section (we are only using SQL in "xlat" expressions) and avoid the "xlat" expressions being evaluated. However, it looks like whether I include "mssql.conf" or not, that expression always evaluates to "localhost". I'm baffled. Should this work? I got this expression format from 

Yes that should work. Weird.

Could you see if 

if ("${modules.sql.server}" == 'NPS') {


Is any better?


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