FreeRadius Mikrotik-Rate-Limit attribute limit

Lalit Choudhary lalitvc at
Tue Feb 18 15:35:08 CET 2014

Hi all,
I configured freeradius (FreeRADIUS Version 2.2.2) with mysql,While testing
Mikrotik NAS i found that Mikrotik-Total-Limit attribute it works upto 4gb
then Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords for more than 4gb (4294967296 in
bytes).If i set Mikrotik-Total-Limit value more then 3.9 GB ,it's taking
random value or 0 for this attribute.
Currently my hotspot ,wifi users data usage limit set in database, using
store procedure it's calculating value for Mikrotik-Total-Limit and
assigning other attributes.
Today i tried by sending both attributes(Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords and
Mikrotik-Total-Limit) in redreply,

Sending Access-Accept of id 61 to port 48563
Mikrotik-Rate-Limit = "15M/16M"
Mikrotik-Total-Limit = 5242880 (this value in bytes)
Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords = 1 (this value in GB)
Session-Timeout = 0
Idle-Timeout = 0
Port-Limit = 1
I'm assuming that it will Terminate the session after 1026 mb usage
(Mikrotik-Total-Limit + Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords), but user session
not Terminating even after 1026 mb usage .
I am not sure whether Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords taking value in GB or
Please suggest how i can use Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords for more then 4
GB data limit.

Lalit Choudhary
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