freeradius-3.0.1 ldap authenticate

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Feb 26 11:13:17 CET 2014


> Please don't dissuade people from using (and therefore testing) the new code.
> For new deployments the v3.0.x branch should be used. v2.0.x is bug fix only.
> The only features which will be backported are to aid in supporting the code
> base.

if thats the view then the wording on needs to change - anyone who
reads 'stable' and has eg ITIL framework etc will go for that release (2.2.x) 
and not the 'latest/feature' release. 

> > if what you've done hasnt solved the issue then its likely to be another bug/issue
> > with the new code
> It is *NOT* a bug in the new code. This question has been asked *SEVERAL* times
> on the list, and stack overflow. I said..if he's done all that he's been told to do then its likely to be a bug/issue
- in this case he hadnt done all he'd been told/instructed to do ;-)

I'd submitted a config change via github to make all this much easier for admins to see
 - which appears to have been rejected. which is a pity - as if you are now changing how 
the server/module works and dont put the relevant parts that people need into place then it 
becomes harder for the server to be configured correctly for purpose (and lets face it, 
for a lot of people this server is hard to configure anyway) - especially relating to this 
LDAP change in behaviour - other modules/configs have the required unlang present next to 
them to uncomment/use...just a few lines of code to stop many many similar queries about 
3.x and LDAP ? think of the users.


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