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Lorenzo Milesi maxxer at
Wed Feb 26 18:42:55 CET 2014

I know it's a stupid question but so far I couldn't manage to dig it out.

I'm using FR2 with MySQL backend. All my users belong to one or more group. I usually set the Idle-Timeout attribute using the radgroupreply table, and it works great. For a minority of users I'd like to override this attribute to a different value, but I cannot have FR reply as I wish. 

Current situation:
USERA MD5-Password	:=	somemd5hash
USERA c_gvt	30
c_gvt	Idle-Timeout	:=	3800

This works fine and replies 3800.
If I add 

USERA	Idle-Timeout	:=	100

to radreply it will still reply 3800. Then I checked manpage of USERS [1] so I changed:

USERA	Idle-Timeout	:=	100
c_gvt	Idle-Timeout	=	3800

but the reply is always the same.
What am I missing?

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