FreeRADIUS 3.0: 3rd party module build structure?

Julius Plenz plenz at
Thu Feb 27 19:07:01 CET 2014


I'm currently trying to migrate a FreeRADIUS 2.x config to the new 3.0
version. I have a few custom rlm_* modules that I want to compile
against the 3.0 sources. Previously, I had a Makefile similar to this:

    FR_SOURCE = $(HOME)/src/freeradius
    TARGET = rlm_omapi
    SRCS = rlm_omapi.c

    RLM_DIR = $(FR_SOURCE)/src/modules/rlm_example/
    top_builddir = $(FR_SOURCE)/
    include $(FR_SOURCE)/src/modules/rules.mak

    RLM_CFLAGS = -I/server/dhcp/server/include -I/server/dhcp/src/isc-dhcp/bind/include
    RLM_LDFLAGS = -L/server/dhcp/server/lib -ldhcpctl -lomapi -ldns -lisc

This way I got "magically working" targets to build and install my
module. However, now the build system was changed for good and I
cannot really figure out how to achieve the same effect. (In
particular, the "rules.mak" file is apparently "No longer needed"
since 80f92e5aee, Feb 27 2013.)

Is there an easy way so I don't have to write out all the long libtool
command lines myself?

Any help is appreciated!


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