Two or more Address Lists

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Thu Jul 3 06:32:27 CEST 2014

On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Anderson Scouto da Silva
<anderson at> wrote:
> That's exactly what I need to return two records there (two address lists
> for Mikrotik),

Do you mean "I need to return both Mikrotik-Address-List attributes to

In this case, FR already does that. See the end of the debug log.

If mikrotik does NOT see that (i.e. it only sees one
Mikrotik-Address-List), then most likely it's mikrotik's fault. You
can probably check with tcpdump to be ABSOLUTELY sure that FR DOES
return both attributes.


> so I thought using "+ =" return both as a response to
> Mikrotik. Definitely no way to do this?
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> On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 10:20 AM, Anderson Scouto da Silva
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>> Follows the debug attached. The user is "robson_santos at",
>> he has to return two lists for Mikrotik,
>> "liberado-cadastro-atayo-confirmado" and "bloqueio-arquivado-atayo",
>> but the user only enter Mikrotik to list
> "liberado-cadastro-atayo-confirmado". Order by ID ASC "
>> liberado-cadastro-atayo-confirmado" is the first list in the database.
> You need to ask better questions for others to be able to understand what
> you need. For example:
> Q: Can I have FR return only ONE reply attribute for a particular user, when
> radreply table has two records for that user?
> ... and the answer to that question would generally be "No".
> There is, however, a way to achieve a similar result IF:
> - you use " :=" operator
> - you use the same attribute name in both records
> The ":=" operator will replace reply attribute for the same name, making
> only one exist (see the docs included in your installation, or
> Is that what you wanted to ask?
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