SSL Certificate Question

Charles Plater ab3189 at
Tue Jul 8 21:32:27 CEST 2014

Many moons ago, i set up a FreeRadius server as part of our 802.1x / WPA project. At that time, I asked this list about using a commercially signed SSL certificate as opposed to a self signed certificate. I’m not sure I understood all of the reasons, but I was advised by another member of this list to use a self signed certificate. Fast forward 6 years to today, and our management is convinced that problems we are seeing w/ clients having problems connecting are related to the self signed SSL certificate. Could someone please describe to me the reasoning behind using a self signed certificate with on with FreeRadius? What kinds of problems / vulnerabilities will we be exposed to if we use a commercially signed (DigiCert) SSL certificate?

Many thanks in advance.

Charles Plater
Lead Application Technical Analyst
Internet Services
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