FreeRadius, block login after bad password

Aurélien Muh aurelazy at
Wed Jul 16 09:57:53 CEST 2014

You are definitly right about this, it's not the first think I am
doing on the FreeRad, anyway I like to enter in the machine and know
what I can do with it ;-) So I am paid to play with it, hehe.
Right now I try to understand how to implement the lockout, and there
is not so much info on this on the net.

Thanks to all of you,

2014-07-15 19:12 GMT+02:00 Brian Julin <BJulin at>:
> Aurélien Muh wrote:
>> Thanks a lot Alan,
>> I'll try to find how to do this with the DB,
>> I thank you so much,
>> Regards,
> After they realize the consequences of what they have asked for,
> your employer will probably come back to you and ask you to
> modify this to say "block after 3 bad passwords, but not if
> the bad passwords are the same as the last password the user
> had before he changed his password."  So you may want to prepare
> yourself for that.
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