Can dhcpclient handle broadcasting ?

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Thu Jul 17 10:51:30 CEST 2014

Additionally, I've noticed that :
- if the client host has multiple interfaces,
- and at least one of them already has an IP address,
Then the source IP address cannot be (even with "Packet-Src-IP-Address=").
An actual IP address is automatically used as source.
>From what I understand, this is modified by the device driver.

I've first tried to force the interface with setsockopt and option "SO_BINDTODEVICE", but this apparently doesn't do anything useful...

So I've done the following:

Add an option to dhcpclient allowing to specify which network interface to use.
Open a raw socket on the low level packet interface. This allows packet data to be left unchanged by the device driver.
Encode Ethernet (send to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff), IP and UDP layers manually. And let FreeRADIUS do the DHCP stuff, as before.

(This required new specific socket / send / recv functions.)

Maybe there's a better way to do this... I couldn't find one, though.


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Chaigneau, Nicolas wrote:
> The socket set up by dhcpclient.c needs something like this :

  Yes.  It should probably do that automatically if dhcpclient.c detects that the destination address isn't a unicast one.

  Alan DeKok.
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