How to set User-Profile for roaming (proxied) users

Jonathan huffelduffel at
Thu Jul 17 18:43:34 CEST 2014

Hi all,

First an overview:

- I'm running Freeradius 2.2.5 with local users in SQL database
- We have roaming users utilizing our network infrastructure, but these
users do not exist in our own local database and need to be proxied for
- normal proxying and authentication/accounting is going well.

Setup: Roaming user <-> OUR_INFRA+RADIUS <-> ROAMING_RADIUS

Since it's an international roaming agreement, I have configured a
catch-all REALM which do not match our owns to be send their:

realm "~.+$" {
        pool                    = ROAMING

I now want to assign a user-profile for these users so that I can
pre-authorize them using our own policies.

For example:

1) roaming is only allowed on weekends and weektime during evenings
2) per user, only 1 roaming session is allowed
3) per user volume limiting based on a user-profile for this roaming
agreement (User-Profile := "roaming")

I've tried both methods below to set this in the authorize section as

 if (notfound}
  update control {
    User-Profile := "roaming"

realm "~.+$" {
        pool                    = ROAMING
  update control {
    User-Profile := "roaming"

but none are working, i've also tried proxy-request and request as update

How can I assign profiles to roaming users who do not exist in our local
database for authentication, but are accounted for locally.


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