David Peterson davidp at wirelessconnections.net
Fri Jul 18 19:33:58 CEST 2014

Ugh, never mind.  I missed this entry change:


  # The sub-module to use to execute queries. This should match

        # the database you're attempting to connect to.


        #    * rlm_sql_mysql

        #    * rlm_sql_mssql

        #    * rlm_sql_oracle

        #    * rlm_sql_postgresql

        #    * rlm_sql_sqlite

        #    * rlm_sql_null (log queries to disk)


        driver = "rlm_sql_mysql"


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I am guessing I am clueless on how the 3.x dynamic-clients works.  It
doesn't seem to read the sql entry properly.  Any clues would be greatly





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