Freeradius authentification against Kerberos

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I’m a newbie with Freeserver. It is my first time with it. I try to make a configuration against Kerberos with your freeradius-server on centOS 6.5.
I use FreeRadius 2.1.12

Please use 2.2.5 if you can.

But now I got everytime the error: „no authenticate method (Auth-Type) found for the request“. So every user got a reject.
I setup the server like explained at this tutorial from<>:

Under authenticate {}, make sure you have following lines:

        Auth-Type PAP {
        Auth-Type Kerberos {

My problem is also that a PEAP - MSCHAPv2 auth from a Windows 7 - PC does not work.

Cannot use PEAP MSCHAPv2. You have to use EAP-TTLS.

Can anyone help me, please?

I attached the logs.

Thanks, and best Benjamin.

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