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> We are an ISP with around 800k subs and are running 2.1.12 since that's what comes with RHEL 6.5 and use perl for the slightly more complex things you can't easily do with unlang.
> I was running performance testing against our ldap database last week using a custom JMeter sampler I built to make the radius calls using tinyradius as the client. Managed to get up to 760tps where a transaction was one access request and two accounting starts (so 2280rps). I suspect that the performance hit was coming from jmeter as those numbers smashed anything the bngs could throw at us and the cpu never went above 8% so I am happy enough.

For comparison lightly tuned v3.0.x gets around 22,000-25,000 RPS against the latest version of OpenLDAP with LMDB, so although it may be good enough for your purposes, that represents a huge slow down over what's possible.

Even with BDB (properly tuned) you should expect a rate of around 12,000 RPS (though i've not personally tested that).

As with all RADIUS deployments the problem isn't handling day to day load, it's when your access layer (be it DSLAMs, APs, or Ethernet switches) goes offline and comes back, and you suddenly have to deal with extremely high continuous load.


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