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> Now, this is a nice coincidence, switch in the thread context.
> I would also like to know performance numbers and seached very briefly
> for RADIUS stress test tools but the most promising I found, radperf, is
> unavailable. 

I believe Network RADIUS is still offering it with support contracts.

But yes, the download link should be removed or fixed, leaving it broken like that is annoying.

>>> We are an ISP with around 800k subs and are running 2.1.12 since
>>> that's what comes with RHEL 6.5 and use perl for the slightly more
>>> complex things you can't easily do with unlang.
>>> I was running performance testing against our ldap database last
>>> week using a custom JMeter sampler I built to make the radius calls
>>> using tinyradius as the client. Managed to get up to 760tps where a
>>> transaction was one access request and two accounting starts (so
>>> 2280rps). I suspect that the performance hit was coming from jmeter
>>> as those numbers smashed anything the bngs could throw at us and the
>>> cpu never went above 8% so I am happy enough.
> Very nice to know, thanks.
>> For comparison lightly tuned v3.0.x gets around 22,000-25,000 RPS
>> against the latest version of OpenLDAP with LMDB, so although it may
>> be good enough for your purposes, that represents a huge slow down
>> over what's possible.
>> Even with BDB (properly tuned) you should expect a rate of around
>> 12,000 RPS (though i've not personally tested that). 
> Since we do not have OpenLDAP, but former SUN's JES, I am interested to
> know how you perfomed the tests. Custom developed tool, or anything
> generally available? 

FreeRADIUS v3.0.x against LDAP with 100 workers, and radperf running 5M requests with 100 in parallel. 

I increased the number of rlm_ldap calls per request to find out the max TPS of OpenLDAP.


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