Error 1: gmake Free Radius 3.0.3 at Solaris

Mathieu Simon (Lists) matsimon.lists at
Tue Jun 10 20:37:04 CEST 2014

Am 10.06.2014 14:05, schrieb Arran Cudbard-Bell:
> On 10 Jun 2014, at 12:35, Rafael de Farias Meurer <rafael.meurer at> wrote:
> I'm making slow progress, i've already fixed four or five issues, but now apparently there's some _X_OPEN_SOURCE macro we need to define to get Solaris to self un-labotomise it's socket API... so i'm researching what the value of that should be and where it should be defined.
Cool Arran, for what I can tell, I've just tried building master it on
OmniOS which is a quite-closely tracking distribution of the illumos
open source fork OpenSolaris.

It mostly relies on GCC but carries some of the weirdnesses that S11 has
as well (though you can still install a Studio Compiler if you want)

One thing I came across is that currently when it detects __sun it wants
to feed the compiler with -KPIC (scripts/jlibtool.c) which is a
parameter only known by the SnOracle's Studio Compiler while GCC seems
to be happier with -fPIC.

A quick search/replace scripts/jlibtool.c it at least made 'gmake' gov
over some files, then fails here and spits out some other messages:

CC src/lib/strlcpy.c
CC src/lib/token.c
CC src/lib/udpfromto.c
src/lib/udpfromto.c: In function 'recvfromto':
src/lib/udpfromto.c:251:6: error: 'struct msghdr' has no member named
  msgh.msg_control = cbuf;

I'm not enoug into this, but is there a way to not "blatantly" assume
Studio Compilers on SunOS-style platform but look for gcc (or
clang/$FavouriteOpenSourceCompiler...) and set things accordingly?

-- Mathieu

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