Client is using MSCHAPv2 for %s, we need NT-Password

Matthew Berry matthew.william.berry at
Thu Jun 12 04:46:32 CEST 2014

Is this message merely informative, or does it indicate a problem? I'm
attempting to debug my issue with something else and this is the only
line I see that sounds like a warning/error prior to the rejection
happening. From what I see in rlm_mschap.c, I would have seen a
different message if the code could not either find a valid
NT-Password attribute[1] or could not create one from a
Cleartext-Password attribute[2]. Based on the comment left above the

>  The old "mschapv2" function has been moved to
>  here

It leads me to believe this line is informative only. (i.e., we need
this attribute to be present, and unless you've seen otherwise it is).



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