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Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Jun 12 15:14:59 CEST 2014

Chris Knipe wrote:
> Now given my specific application that I use Radius for, the elapsed times
> are OK for the majority of requests (the sub 100ms range is fine).

  100ms for a request?  That's terrible.  It indicates something wrong
with your configuration.

  If you put an entry into the "users" file in the default config, the
server can do ~5K auths/s.  That's 2 microseconds each, or 50K times faster.

> Under what circumstances will FR "drop" a request (i.e. dropped 3110).

  When a request is blocked, and the NAS transmits a new request using
the same src/dst IP/port and RADIUS ID.

> Also, would it be possible to be able to get stats for the thread pool
> through radmin as well?

  Sure.  Send a patch. :)

> I've been experiencing very weird, intermittent and seemingly random
> timeouts from FR, and after increasing (doubling) the size of my thread
> pool, most of my issues seemed to have gone away.  Surely, those kind of
> stats in terms of the thread pool will not only be very helpful, but it will
> be absolutely beneficial in terms of debugging performance issues?

  Not really.  Increasing the size of the thread pool is putting a
band-aid on the problem.  It won't fix anything.

> Also as a last note, maybe something like a "slow query" log option can be
> added as well, where we can log auth/acct requests to a while in instances
> where FR takes longer than a specific amount of time to process?

  It's possible, but it would slow down the server a fair bit.  It
wouldn't be a "slow query" log, so much as a "slow module" log.  And it
would almost always show:

- exec

>  Say, if it
> takes longer than 100ms to process a request, log the request to a specific
> file?  Not only will it again help to troubleshoot and isolate performance
> issues, but it could possibly also mean that the entire server does not need
> to be run in debug mode to identify requests which takes long to process.

  That's not really necessary.  The default configuration isn't slow.
So... what did you change?  That's the source of the slowness.

  Alan DeKok.

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