Issues with building Freeradius on CentOS 6.5: need rlm_cache

Stefan Paetow Stefan.Paetow at
Fri Jun 13 12:12:43 CEST 2014

> So, I started looking on how to build from source...and I found one; great news I thought!!
> Enter:
> I thought this would save the day, but there are broken links for 3.0.0 and I am running into major issues; it
> just doesn't seem to work at all. I also tried to build it out, take the lib over to my 2.1.12
> installation, but Freeradius barfed all over that little trick.

Oh dear! That’s not good. Thanks for letting me know, although all the links seemed to work when I used them a few minutes ago?

I’ve however changed the parent page to refer to the OpenSUSE packages instead, since there are now live packages that can be used on CentOS, and deleted that reference. :-)


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