FR3 reply ldap's attr when bind as a user

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Sat Mar 1 08:50:57 CET 2014

I can bind as a user by configure in virtual server

authorize {
        update {
            control:Auth-Type := ldap

It works well and can authenticate a user with LDAP .
The "radiusd -X" output like

(2) ldap : Performing search in 'ou=a,dc=b,dc=domain' with filter
(2) ldap : Waiting for search result...
(2) ldap : User object found at DN "CN=s,OU=s,OU=s,OU=a,DC=b,DC=domain"
(2) ldap : Waiting for bind result...
(2) ldap : Bind successful
(2) ldap : Bind as user "CN=a,OU=ab,OU=a,OU=qiyi,DC=b,DC=domain" was

What I want to do is update reply:Reply-Message with the user information,
such as

reply:Reply-Message := "CN=a,OU=ab,OU=a,OU=qiyi,DC=b,DC=domain"

I've tried to update reply in "mods-available/ldap", but it not work.

Is it possible? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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