APC NetBotz User attribute issue.

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On 3 Mar 2014, at 10:45, Rishabh.Shukla <rishabh.shukla at i-link.co.in> wrote:

> Hello All,
> 	• Our Setup -> Centos, Free Radius, MySQL and Daloradius as Front End management GUI Tool.
> 	• Devices use for Authentication -> APC NetBotz 200 Rack monitoring device as NAS.
> 	• Attribute Details of user -> 1- APC-Service-Type = Admin and 2- Auth-Type =System 
> 	• Goal -> NetBotz Device users should get authenticated & login with Administrative rights.
> 	• Problem -> We need to get APC Netbotz authentication from Radius server configured and APC has 3 level of users : 1-Administrator, 2-Device, 3-Read only. Along with radius authentication radius need to supply user attributes to Netbotz for user level & its access credentials. We have configured Administrative attribute with users in radius but it does not supply with authentication, there for user get only very lower level access "read only". Our goal is to get Administrative access with radius authentication.
> 	• Radisud debug mode output as follows :

The user hasn't been found in your SQL database, and you've trimmed off the useful debug which showed the packet coming from the NAS, so we can't be sure what auth protocol you're using.

Add the user to SQL with a Cleartext-Password attribute in the radcheck table, and post full debug (with passwords redacted).

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