Antw: Re: How many NAS kann radius take?

Anja Ruckdaeschel Anja.Ruckdaeschel at
Mon Mar 3 13:14:05 CET 2014


no, it´s not Cisco. There are about 350 Lancom APs without controller, so we
didn´t notice for years because a it takes a lot for one single
acces point reaching the limit of 256. If we are able to persuade them to fix
it, I will tell you.


>>> <A.L.M.Buxey at> 03.03.2014 10:22 >>>

> We are also still talking to our vendor about changing the udp source port
> when doing more than 256 in-flight requests. 

Cisco?  ;-)

the latest wireless firmware now has a seperate port for auth and accounting
(which helps a bit) but the next release migth improve that more.... we've
been nagging
them for ages now about the single NAS port for ALL the access points (and
clients behind them). not really a problem with a few dozen APs...but when
youre a few 
thousand APs is the first big thing you notice :(

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