pam module / freeradius permissions

msheiny at msheiny at
Wed Mar 5 22:09:16 CET 2014


I'm running FreeRadius 2.2.0 and am looking for advice on resolving a
permissions issue I am running into with a third-party pam module. 

As far as freeradius goes, I have it configured how I would like -
radius authentication is being checked against PAM as I intended. The problem
is that this pam module I am running currently requires root permissions but I
would prefer to keep radiusd running as a restricted user. I've
confirmed I can get around the issue by specifying radiusd to run as
root but this is not desired.

So my question - what would be the best way to run the freeradius pam
sub-routine as root but keep the rest of the freeradius system runnning
as my restricted user? I'm trying to avoid editing source code if I can
help it. I realize this is not strictly related to freeradius but
figured there may be a freeradius setting I'm not familiar here.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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