JSON format to use for rlm_rest

Werner Stucky wernerml at stucky-solutions.net
Mon Mar 17 07:08:51 CET 2014

Hi Arran

Not compiling on my side :

CC src/modules/rlm_rest/rest.c
src/modules/rlm_rest/rest.c: In function 'rest_write_header':
src/modules/rlm_rest/rest.c:1465: error: invalid operands to binary - (have
'long unsigned int' and 'const char *')
make: *** [build/objs/src/modules/rlm_rest/rest.lo] Error 1

I'm also not sure how to specify if the vp should be for control or reply
as in the Perl server example :
$resp->header("Content-Type" => "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

Here the control and reply are separate.
Am I understanding this correctly?

Thanks for the help.
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