DHCP Dynamic pool and MAC authentication

Thomas Bru tbru at afone.com
Tue Mar 18 10:48:41 CET 2014

Hello Everybody

This is my first message on this mailing list so I hope I will do everything right.

I need your help because I want to implement Freeradius as a DCHP server with an dynamic IP address pool (using radipool mysql table) and MAC authentication.
I successed to install and activate DHCP server and dynamic pool but not authenticate.

But, actually, my problem is anybody can connect a device on my network and the Freeradius server reply to DHCP Discover, assign an IP address using the mysql radipool table but without checking if the mac address is in the radcheck table.

Before the activation of the dynamic IP pool, I can authenticate and if the authentication is OK, I give a static address to the client. The address was stored into the raply table).
Now I can't do that with the dynamic pool.

Did anybody can help me ?

Thanks in advance for your helps and your replies.

Best Regards


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