Decoding HEX data in accounting interim-updates

Callum Barr callumb at
Tue Mar 18 22:05:04 CET 2014


We have an Alcatel-Lucent 7750SR ­ when it sends its interim-updates ­ we
get an output like the following;

	Alc-Acct-O-statmode = "0x1 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Octets-64 = 0x0001000000000002a19e
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Octets-64 = 0x00010000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00010000000000000e32
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00010000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-statmode = "0x2 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Octets-64 = 0x00020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Octets-64 = 0x00020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-statmode = "0x3 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Octets-64 = 0x00030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Octets-64 = 0x00030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Inprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-O-Outprof-Pkts-64 = 0x00030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-statmode = "0x8001 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Octets_64 = 0x80010000000000012442
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Octets_64 = 0x80010000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Packets_64 = 0x80010000000000000996
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Packets_64 = 0x80010000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-statmode = "0x8002 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Octets_64 = 0x80020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Octets_64 = 0x80020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Packets_64 = 0x80020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Packets_64 = 0x80020000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-statmode = "0x8003 v4-v6"
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Octets_64 = 0x80030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Octets_64 = 0x80030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Packets_64 = 0x80030000000000000000
	Alc-Acct-I-Lowprio-Packets_64 = 0x80030000000000000000

Each of the Alc-Acct-I-Hiprio-Octets_64 counters are formatted as follows;

Eg. 0x80010000000000012442 where the first 2B represent the queue ID and
the last 8B represent the octet counter in hex.

So ­ queue 1, 74818 octets

How can I manipulate the data to put it into our database correctly?

Say if I wanted to put the above information into field
acct_queue1_in_octets and so onŠ

We are running Freeradius v2.1.9 ­ but can upgrade if needed.

Many thanks in advance,

Callum Barr
Vibecom NZ

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