LDAP and/or Active Directory

Mischa Diehm mischa.diehm at unibas.ch
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  Active Directory isn't really an LDAP server.  At least, not where it

There is a huge discussion at the moment at our University where the AD people want to get rid of our central Open-LDAP-Servers with exactly this argument: "AD is a ldap-server like any other". Now I read this comment and would really appreciate if someone could be a little more verbose on the topic or point me to the documentation on how it differs especially from a FreeRadius perspective.

As an example:
For me it is not clear if I could just use AD as a LDAP-Backend (instead of OpenLDAP) and keep my eduroam configuration otherwise the same or if I would have to switch to ntlm_auth to get things back to working - which I would really want to avoid since I don't see a reason making thing more complex by having samba and other new dependencies...




  Alan DeKok.
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