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I have been using freeradius for many years now to authenticate WiFi users
against active directory, and it all works perfectly.

I am now trying to integrate it with the identity awareness built into our
Checkpoint firewall system, this is able to take radius authentication
packets and build a list of users against IP addresses.

I understand that you can replicate the accounting data on from freeradius
but for this to work obviously the WiFi client's IP address needs to be in
the radius accounting data. At the moment it isn't because at the point
when the accounting data is sent the client has not yet sent its DHCP

Am I correct that to get the IP address into the radius accounting the
freeradius server needs to be configured to send out the IP addresses
rather than different DHCP server.

If this is correct, could I create different IP pools to be used for each
site, and have the correct IP data sent out for for different sets of wifi
access points (NAS).

Many thanks for reading this, I just want know I am going in the correct


Bruce Richardson

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