rlm_rest JSON format for multiple attributes

Werner Stucky wernerml at stucky-solutions.net
Mon Mar 24 19:44:23 CET 2014

Hi Guys

I've ran into a problem with rlm_rest and specifying VPs with JSON.
I need to return multiple Framed-Route attributes.

So now I have :


I can't add any additional Framed-Route attributes because the JSON format
is a set of key value pairs and the key is unique.

>From RFC4627:
An object structure is represented as a pair of curly brackets surrounding
zero or more name/value pairs (or members). A name is a string. A single
colon comes after each name, separating the name from the value. A single
comma separates a value from a following name.

*The names within an object SHOULD be unique.---------------*
Is there a way to support an array of values?



Thank you

Werner Stucky
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