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Benoit goony at
Tue Mar 25 14:13:39 CET 2014


This might have been asked before (and I hope so), but I can't get my freeradius server to respond remote authentications requests. I got the SQL authentication set up and things seem to work in local.

radtest works for me with this command:

radtest myuser mypass 1812 test

which would be in my NAS:

ipaddr =
secret = test

-> I see the package accepted from debug mode on server.

Now if I want to test through the Internet, using NTRadPing, I am not sure how I should set up my client, I tried (with xx.xx.xx.xx my IP as seen through the Internet):

client xx.xx.xx.xx{
ipaddr = xx.xx.xx.xx
secret = test

but the server debug mode (server side) does not react at all and stay in the waiting for requests state, while the client gets its requests to timeout.

What am I missing? Did I get the IP thing right anyways?

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