AIX client to MS RADIUS server

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On 25 Mar 2014, at 21:27, Lloyd Gill <lhg at> wrote:

> Ok so the 2.2.4 that is on the free radius download site is for the Server, not the client? Ok, I just realized that.
> If that statement is true, then does the 1.4 version you reference below have any new support for AIX? 

No, but if you want to fix support for AIX then that would be the one to start working with.

If you were experiencing endian issues with the md5 code (which other people have with 1.3.7) it should fix them, as it uses an autoconf byte order check instead of relying on compiler macros (which are incomplete).

This is relevant to AIX in particular as the majority of AIX platforms appear to be PPC which has configurable endianess.


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