CPU intensize authorization module issue

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Thu Mar 27 13:58:13 CET 2014


this is a usage question, redirecting to -users.

You should call your module only in innner-tunnel/authorize, not in the
outer request (default/authorize).


Stefan Winter

On 27.03.2014 13:53, Yannick Koehler wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have an authorization module to write for FreeRADIUS that does a
> fair amount of CPU intensive SQL queries 1-2 seconds time.  But the
> problem is that when a 802.1x authentication is occuring this event
> occurs many times 4-5 times at each reception of RADIUS Access Request. 
> Also, at that time the username is not the final one (normally the final
> one is sent within the MSCHAPv2 from within the TLS tunnel used by PEAP
> or EAP-TLS or EAP-TTLS).
>   Is there a way for my authorization module to trigger the work to be
> done only if EAP is at the stage of handling the internal
> authentication? Can for example my module communicate with the EAP
> module and look at an internal flag somewhere to know if the TLS tunnel
> has been completed?
>  I would like the following:
>    Access Request (EAP identity response) -> authorization module - no
> CPU intensive
>    <-- Access Challenge (EAP TLS Server Hello)
>    Access Request (EAP TLS Client Hello) -> authorization module - no
> CPU intensive
>    <-- Access Challenge
>   etc. until TLS is established
>    Access Request (EAP TLS MSCHAPv2) -> authorization module - CPU
> intensive query
>    <-- Access Accept
> -- 
> Yannick Koehler
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