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On 2 May 2014, at 23:13, Dalton Porter <daltonporter at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I need a configuration that works as follows regarding accounting data:
> NAS sends Accounting Request ->radius svr1
> radius svr1 writes to acct db and sends Accounting Request -> radius svr2
> radius svr1 sends Accounting Response back to NAS
> Using my current configuration, I have defined a home server for the NULL realm
> and in the accounting section of sites-enabled/default, I have added "replicate"
> This sort of works, but when the response comes from radius svr2, it is rejected by
> radius svr1, I believe because "replicate" is fire and forget.

If by rejected do you mean completely ignored? If so, yes that's expected behaviour.

> In any case, an Accounting Response is never sent back to the NAS so the NAS
> tries to start the process over.

Provide debug.

> I don't require an ACK response from svr2 to svr1, but I do need a response from svr1 to the NAS.
> Is replicate the right way to go?

To a Sandvine DPI box, sure.


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