Replicated Acctounting blocks replys

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat May 3 01:11:05 CEST 2014

Dalton Porter wrote:
> Alan, I did run in debugging mode. I didn't notice any error.  I'm
> attaching here in case I have missed something.

  That's really the point.

> Attaching debug.
> NAS=
> radius svr 2  = 
> What I see is after the Access Req/Resp, the NAS keeps sending
> Accounting Reqs.

  You'll also see that FreeRADIUS doesn't reply/

> Looking at tcpdump, I can see the Acct Response packet makes it from
> svr2 to srv1, but there is an ICMP port not reachable, which
> I interpret to mean svr1 is not listening on that port (expected because
> replicate is fire and forget)


> But then why doesn't svr1 respond to the NAS with an Accounting Response?

  Because it's been misconfigured.

  The default configuration has the server respond to Accounting-Request
packets.  If it doesn't respond, it's usually because you edited
something, and broke it.

  Or, it's because there's a bug in 2.1.12.  Which is many years old.
Upgrade to 2.2.5.

> It fails to do so, so in a few sec, the NAS sends another accounting req. 
> This cycle repeats a few times - sometimes NAS just won't give up.

  Which is what the NAS is supposed to do for accounting packets.

> ++[replicate] returns ok
> Finished request 3.
> Cleaning up request 3 ID 124 with timestamp +28

  i.e. it doesn't send an Accounting-Response.  THAT is the source of
the problem.

  I suggest just upgrading.

  Alan DeKok.

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