simultaneous login(s) is not working

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat May 10 14:31:41 CEST 2014

Russell Mike wrote:
> Thank you very much for your response in answer to my request. Sure, i
> shall send the debug version soon. i want to understand also, how
> simultaneous check works. Is there any documentation which i can read to
> understand the process stage?

   The server comes with a file "doc/Simultaneous-Use".

> Could you kindly, tell me at which stage
> of the process simultaneous login check is performed ? such as "post
> auth" or ?

  It's in it's own section, called "session" for historical reasons.

> Yesterday i forgot to mention that all related include directives in
> "radiusd.conf" are opened, such as include "dialup.conf". i also did not
> mentioned that i do use MySQL DBMS with radius accounting. Yes,
> accounting is logged in database. FreeRADIUS has been installed on
> UBUNTU 12.4LTS & Version is Following

  None of that matters.

1. Can the user get authenticated at *all*?

2. Have you set 'Simultaneous-Use = 1' for the user?

3. Is the server receiving ANY accounting packets?

4. After the user gets authenticated, does FreeRADIUS receive accounting
packets for that user?

5. Is the radutmp / sql module logging those accounting packets?

6. Do the accounting packets have enough information to uniquely
identify a session?  i.e. no "NAS-Port = 0" for all users

7. Is the nas_type in the "client" configuration set to a known NAS,
where the server can double-check logins?

7. When the user logs in a second time, does FreeRADIUS even try
Simultaneous-Use checking?

  The configuration is composed of a set of interlocking pieces.  They
ALL have to be configured correctly for Simultaneous-Use to work.  Some
of the problems can be due to the NAS, which misbehaves.

  Alan DeKok.

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