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This is usually pre-provisioned, i.e. you tell your users to either download a utility (like 1x-config) or a profile (like on iPhone) that contains the CA and some other preferred settings for the supplicant on the user's system. Once they've installed that, they're set.


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Hell yeah!!!

This looks good. I will have a look at this 1x-config. But some (stupid) question pops in my head now.
How is it possible that i can install this CA on the device before connecting to the radius?

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How can i achieve this?

Installing a CA is manual process; setting all the right settings so that EAP login is /secure/ involves a few extra steps; all those steps are different per client OS.

You can make your life easier by using web services which create client-side installers for many OSes which pack all into one executable/config file.

Take for example a look at this one:


Stefan Winter

but there is also something else i noticed:

for request 4auth: Failed to validate the user.Login incorrect: [bob/<no User-Password attribute>] (from client testing123 port 0 cli 00-1F-3B-B2-F5-09

i'm 100 sure this user and some password is beeing saved in the users.conf file

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