RLM_Perl not seeing huntgroup-name

Graeme Hinchliffe graeme.hinchliffe at zeninternet.co.uk
Mon May 19 13:36:34 CEST 2014

I just tried changing the line in the huntgroups file from:

Testhunt    Client-IP-Address


Testhunt    NAS-IP-Address

And this seemed to make the huntgroup be selected!  However on the vanilla FreeRADIUS install, it is configured with Client-IP-Address of and selecting the huntgroup.

I am using radclient -f testuser auth testing123  to send the test packet, On both setups freeradius is seeing the request come from:

rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 34345, id=153, length=48
	User-Name = "testuser"
	User-Password = "kdsjhfksf"

On the non-working config we then get:

+- entering group authorize {...}
++[preprocess] returns ok
++[chap] returns noop

But on the working (vanilla FreeRADIUS config)

+- entering group authorize {...}
[preprocess] 	expand: %{Client-IP-Address} ->
++[preprocess] returns ok

I suspect preprocess isn't working correctly on the non-vanilla setup for some reason, I have md5'd both versions of the preprocess configuration file and they are identical, I have also ensured that preprocess appears in the same places within the site configuration.

When I change the huntgroup files to use NAS-IP-Address, there is still nothing other than:

++[preprocess] returns ok

But the huntgroup appears within RLM_Perl.

Any ideas?



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        I have done some further testing.  Fresh install of FreeRADIUS 2.1.12 (Debian package).  I have made only minor changes to the config (I added perl after preprocess in Authorization section of the default server, and added a testhuntgroup).

I have then added a small perl module which simply dumps the output of the lists passed to the module and exits with a NO-OP.  When I test an auth request against this I get the following output from freeradius -X

[preprocess]    expand: %{Client-IP-Address} ->
++[preprocess] returns ok
          'User-Name' => 'testuser at test',
          'User-Password' => 'testing',
          'Huntgroup-Name' => 'testhunt',
          'NAS-IP-Address' => ''
CHECK = $VAR1 = {};
REPLY = $VAR1 = {};
CONFIG = $VAR1 = {};
PROXY = $VAR1 = {};
PROXY REP = $VAR1 = {};
rlm_perl: Added pair User-Name = testuser at test
rlm_perl: Added pair User-Password = testing
rlm_perl: Added pair Huntgroup-Name = testhunt
rlm_perl: Added pair NAS-IP-Address =
++[perl] returns noop

So in this instance Huntgroup-Name *is* visible within the perl module as it was in FreeRADIUS 1.x.x  however something is stopping this from occurring on the test platform with the full config.

I am suspecting that for some reason it isn't assigning the Huntgroup to the request, although the test IP address has been assigned one in the huntgroup file, is there a way I could check what, if any hunt group is being selected?  Or do you have any ideas of what may suppress the Huntgroup from appearing in the attributes sent to RLM_Perl ?



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Subject: Re: RLM_Perl not seeing huntgroup-name

Graeme Hinchliffe wrote:
>                 To confirm this I have added Data::Dumper and dumped 
> the various structures and cannot see it anywhere. The RLM_PERL module 
> is called after preprocess module which returns OK also.

  Huntgroup-Name is a virtual attribute.  You can compare it to something, but you can't read it's value.

  Alan DeKok.
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