Reply attribute in access-accept while doing eap-mschapv2 at
Sat May 24 21:20:02 CEST 2014

24.05.2014 18:56, Alan DeKok пишет:
> wrote:
>>   I removed from config all stuff about update reply. And after detailed
>> review of debug output i see Class attribute in some access-challenge
>> messages, but not in access-accept.
>    Where is the Class attribute coming from?
Yep, I have that attribute in radreply mysql table:

temp Class = myclass

>    Normally, if it's in SQL radreply table, it gets sent back in *all*
> packets.
That's what i'm asking about. I have almost default config, so I have no 
idea why in some replies i see class but in others i don't.

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