Single RADIUS Class attribute supported by HP's Comware - Bug or Enhancement?

Nick Lowe nick.lowe at
Fri May 30 05:34:37 CEST 2014

Dear list,

Via a support case, I have been trying to get HP to resolve what I
believe to be a bug in Comware, used in HP/H3C/3Com networking

These devices only support a single Class attribute, accounting only
with the first Class attribute received in an Access-Accept packet.

I have had a support case open since January 2014 to get a code fix
for this and they have finally come up with the following:

"The current code customer is running is built with limited RFC and
any addition of the RFC would be an Enhancement and which we would not
be able to change it with these code"

This seems obviously incorrect as, to my mind, there is simply no such
thing as 'limited RFC' support. Either a product complies with a
standard or it does not.

There will be parts of the RFCs that are not applicable to certain
NASes but that is not the case here.

Their products are documented as complying to RFC 2865 and RFC 2866,
so I cannot see how this is in any way whatsoever an enhancement
It is surely just a bug.

Please can I get some weight of consensus here that this is just as
absurd as I think it is from others experienced in the RADIUS space?

I am not pleased to be experiencing such dysfunctional support from HP.



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