How to configure FreeRADIUS for Kerberos and LDAP

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On 31 May 2014, at 02:20, Brendan Kearney <bpk678 at> wrote:

> i have put together a doc to assist in the configuration of FreeRADIUS
> to use Kerberos for authentication (AuthN) and LDAP for authorization
> (AuthZ).

Nice, thanks.

>  I have modelled the configs after my environment, and taken
> into account the design and implementations choices i have made.  others
> may have different needs, so some directives or values may need to be
> changed based on those needs.  i make no guarantees that my configs will
> work in your environment.
> i have tried to use simple language, but be concise, precise and
> accurate.  if points are ambiguous, lacking clarity or leave room for
> misinterpretation, please provide constructive feedback.

This sort of methodology:

	•	cp authorize authorize-$(date +”%b.%d.%Y”)-01
	•	cp authorize authorize-$(date +”%b.%d.%Y”)-02

Is quite outdated. The configuration should be kept under git version
control or similar, and git show/diff etc... used to examine sets of

Git can also be used as a management framework, for automatically pushing
new configurations out to clusters of servers. There are example 
scripts for this in the scripts/ dir of the src.

But the rest of the doc looks ok. It'd be more useful on the wiki if anyone
feels like transcribing it.


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