3.x behaviour w.r.t. unused modules

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Sep 1 12:30:24 CEST 2014

On 31/08/14 16:31, Alan DeKok wrote:

>> For us that's undesirable as we use "radiusd -n" and start several
>> processes up,
>    Hmm... that's what virtual servers are for, right?

Processes protect against segfaults and other app/library errors. They 
can also be restarted independently. This is useful to avoid blowing 
away one servers in-progress (and on 2.x cached) EAP sessions. At peak 
times, that can be a real win; I don't really trust HUP TBH.

We use virtual servers as well; each process is one or more virtual 
servers grouping the same functionality e.g. all the wireless in one 
process, all the macauth in another.

It also discourages config bleed-in; if the macauth process *has* to be 
on a separate port and/or IP, I avoid the temptation to smoosh them into 
one vserver with if/else, then find I can't break it back out at a later 

I probably wouldn't do it this way now, but it evolved back in very 
early 2.0 days when we did have a few periodic segfaults and I wanted to 
isolate things, and now we've got the config, there's no real cost to 
keeping it.

If the mods thing is expected, I'll work around it.

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