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> Hi All
> I need to send  about 22 attribute parameter to radclient but it is not working in this way :
> echo "Service-Type=Framed-User,Framed-Protocol=PPP,NAS-Port=11115644,NAS-Port-Type=Ethernet,User-Name=test1,Calling-Station-Id=D8:5D:4C:BC:C7:6B,NAS-Port-Id=ADSL-PARSIAN(906),Acct-Session-Id=81a57fe5,Framed-IP-Address=,Acct-Session-Time =777,Acct-Input-Octets=999999,Acct-Input-Gigawords=0,Acct-Output-Octets=999,Acct-Output-Gigawords=0,Acct-Status-Type=Interim-Update,NAS-IP-Address=" | radclient -x acct ''test''
> I get this error :
> radclient:: Expected end of line or comma
> radclient: Nothing to send.
> I need to send parameter in file or something like that 
> I can not find any document or sample .

Just put each AVP on a new line, with a new line at the end of the document


Then pass the file name with -f.


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