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See my virtual server rif listen conf:

server rif {

listen {
       ipaddr = *
       port = 3812
       type = auth


If I try that, there is the same problem.


rlm_sql (sql): Adding client (AP07) to rif clients list
rlm_sql ( Client "AP07" (sql) added

Listening on auth address * port 1812 as server default
Listening on auth address * port 3812 as server rif
Listening on status address * port 18121 as server status
Listening on auth address port 18120 as server inner-tunnel
Ready to process requests
Ignoring request to auth address * port 1812 as server default from unknown client
port 1645 proto udp
Ready to process requests

My nas is configured to send request to rif ( port 3812 )

If I don't use nas table but clients.conf, it works.


nicolas.clo at wrote:
> But just last question, now if I have same entry in clients.conf than
> nas mysql table (with mod-enabled -  sql  --> * read_clients = yes*) ,
> at Freeradius startup, it tell me that duplicate rows exists but just
> for global section and not for rif section.
> Is it normal ?

  If that's how you configured it.  I'd need to know more about your
configuration before being sure.

  Alan DeKok.
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