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Ah Ok, this is new since 3.0.4.
Thanks for your time and explanations.


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> Ok but I don't understand why if I put he same rows in clients.conf and
> if I comment " with mod-enabled -  sql  --> * read_clients = yes*" it works.

  Because the configuration files have more flexibility than the SQL tables.

  The configuration files allow you tie a client to a "listen" section
AND a virtual server.  You do this by listing a global client (which
ties it to the global listen sections), and then setting
"virtual_server" in the client definition.

  You can't do that with SQL.  There's only a field for virtual server.

  As I already said, the clients in SQL are tied to a virtual server...
and to any "listen" section for that virtual server.  If you want them
to be tied to the global listen sections, you'll have to:

		 (a) remove the "listen" from the virtual server

		 (b) put the clients into the configuration files.

  Alan DeKok.
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