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On 10 Sep 2014, at 11:59, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:

>  We've release version 3.0.4.  It has a long changelong from 3.0.3:
>  But the wait has been worth it, I think.  Lots of minor fixes, and
> many new features.
>  The regex handling for strings has been fixed.  This means that where
> it was hard / impossible to use regexes before, it's now simpler.  The
> down-side is that you MAY have to update your regexes.

Specifically, if you were using attribute references:

if (&Attribute =~ /my regex/) {


The raw value of the attribute will be used without any pre-escaping.

This applies not just to regexes but all comparisons.

update request {
	Tmp-String-0 := '"foo"'

Can now be matched with:

if (&Tmp-String-0 := '"foo"') {

Instead of:

if (&Tmp-String-0 := '\"foo\"') {

Using the raw value however means that values with embedded \0s can cause issues.

Most of the comparison code has been fixed, but there's still problems with regexes,
due to the POSIX functions (regcomp, regexec), not taking a length argument.

There are non-POSIX extensions (regncomp, renexec), but they're not in the PCRE
compatibility library, so we've got to consider what to do there.

If your strings/regexes don't contain/deal with unprintables or double quotes, no
changes are required.

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