freeradius with pptp

Xu Tingting t.t.xu at
Tue Sep 16 05:54:33 CEST 2014

1.What's the difference between radgroupcheck and radgroupreply table?

2.I have set  Idle-Timeout    attribute to users in the radreply table, but
it seems not work. how can i make it works?

3.If there are same attribute in radgroupreply and radreply, which one

4.I have installed freeradius(mysql moudule) with pptp vpn in different
servers,they work fine,but in my vpn server( radiusclient server) , the log
file shows that "pppd[3359]: rc_avpair_gen: received unknown attribute 85
of length 4: 0x0000003C". and the "radiusd -X" show nothing wrong. Does it

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