using userPassword instead sambaNTPassword

Nicolás Guerra nicoguerrarocha at
Tue Sep 16 20:30:51 CEST 2014

I have a PDC using SaMBa and openLDAP, I'm trying to make my openwrt 
router authenticate with openLDAP, I read that the way to do this is by 
configuring a RADIUS server.

I configured freeradius and It works fine, but my problem is that I need 
to authenticate users using the userPassword attribute instead of 
sambaNTPassword, I can't get this work, I've read a lot, but I haven't 
found the answer (didn't read enough I guess).

I installed and configured freeradius in openSuSE 13.1

# rpm -qa | grep freeradius

I added in /etc/raddb/clients.conf

client owrt.router {
        secret  = secretPasswd
        ipaddr  =

I uncomment "ldap" and the "Auth-Type LDAP{....}" in the followin files:

I set server and basedn info in the /etc/raddb/modules/ldap file

I repeat, it works fine but with the openLDAP's sambaNTPassword entry 
instead of using the userPassword.

any help will be wellcome,
sorry my english, (I tried my best).

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