dynamic-clients supporting CDIR entries in v3

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Thanks very much Arran, I've give it a try.


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> Any ideas as to how to get FR to dynamically learn the 
> without complaining it's a duplicate of
> Or might this be considered a bug...?

It is in fact a bug, yes.

The config parser accepts '*' for ip addresses, to allow binding to wildcard
addresses. When it gets a wildcard, it sets the IP address to INADDR_ANY

It also sets the prefix for the ip address to be /32 or /128 (ipv6), which
of course defeats the purpose of a wildcard.

There was code in the client_add function to fix that up, so when it got an
INADDR_ANY value, it'd set the prefix to 0. It should have also been
checking that the prefix was /32 (ipv4) or /128 (ipv6) before modifying it.

I've pushed a fix.

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