freeradius with pptp

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Sep 17 15:38:54 CEST 2014

Xu Tingting wrote:
> what's more ,i found that whichever vpn user to radius server, all shows
> the same nasipadress,

  Then fix the VPN server to send different NAS-IP-Addres attributes.

> so i set different nas-ip-address in the radreply
> table for users in different client server, but sitll show the same
> nasipadrees.

  The VPN server will ignore NAS-IP-Address in Access-Accept.

> In my radcheck, i created vpn1user and vpn2user for different client
> servers, but it seems that it cant distinguish users for different clients.
> For example, the vpn2user with vpn1 server IP can also connect to the
> radius server.
> How can i sove this?

  Add a check for source *IP* address:

	Packet-Src-IP-Address ==

  Alan DeKok.

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